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Monday, 27 June 2022

OnePlus said to be developing two new sets of TWS earbuds

OnePlus has been keeping busy, we've seen an array of smartphones this year along with the Nord Buds.

Now, it would seem that we've got even more than expected in the pipeline, including some new wearables:

[Exclusive] Two new OnePlus TWS are coming soon to India.
1 OnePlus Nord-branded TWS and
1 OnePlus TWS
Expect the launch to happen alongside a couple of upcoming OnePlus smartphones in Q3.
Furthermore, OnePlus Watch 2 and Band 2 are also lined up.
Feel free to retweet.#OnePlus

â€" Mukul Sharma (@stufflistings) June 24, 2022

Details are thin at the moment, but we might expect the two new sets of wireless earbuds alongside the next phone launch, expected in the third quarter of the year.

It seems soon for a successor to the Nord Buds, but with OnePlus launching devices at a lightning pace, we wouldn't be too surprised for this to hold true.

We should also expect a more premium set of wireless earbuds, perhaps a follow-up to the OnePlus Buds that we checked out a few years ago.

We'd love to see more options for AirPods style earbuds, without the silicon tips, as options tend to be more limited in that area, but time will tell if OnePlus sticks with the design.

Sharma also suggests that we'll be seeing both a premium OnePlus wearable, the Watch 2, and a low-cost fitness tracker, the Band 2.

We weren't too impressed with the OnePlus Watch's first outing, so hopefully, its successor will bring some much-needed improvements.

Whether these devices will see a launch outside of India is unclear at the moment, but we're looking forward to learning more.

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