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Thursday, 30 June 2022

Nerf's huge Destiny rocket launcher fully unveiled

Quite a while back, Bungie and Nerf announced that they would be teaming up to create a real-life version of the Gjallarhorn, a huge and ornate rocket launcher that's a fan favourite from the Destiny games.

Now we've finally got some proper images of the thing in someone's hands, confirming that it's just as chunky and faithfully recreated as you could want, along with details of how people can get their hands on it (and it's quite a complex system).

The blaster is 1:1 scale, meaning it's over four feet long and will be available to pre-order from Bungie from 7 July at 10AM PT. It's not as simple as that, though.

Given the likely demand, Bungie is giving priority via a digital waiting room to accounts of its players that actually have the weapon unlocked in Destiny 2 by the cut-off of 9AM PT on 7 July. If any launchers are left over after that sale, they'll be available from 21 July.

The Gjallarhorn will cost $185 or €209, and looks like it will be great fun to handle and shoot, with three of Nerf's mega darts being launched each time you fire it, to attempt to match the in-game launcher's cluster of projectiles.

It's part of Nerf's LMTD series of tie-in blasters, which have covered franchises like Halo and The Mandalorian so far, but that comes with a word of warning - delivery times have so far been lengthy on those blasters, so even if you get a Gjallarhorn secured, don't bank on it arriving anytime soon.

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