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Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Future-proof your home with Swann's connected Wi-Fi Alert Sensors

Swann is one of the world's leading manufacturers of smart security systems for end consumers. Swann's DIY home security range includes a wide range of wired and wireless devices, including indoor sirens, alert sensors, video doorbells, and more. What truly sets Swann's security systems apart is the simplicity of installation - you can install Swann sensors using double-sided adhesives, making it the ideal solution for renters and DIYers.

If you want to future-proof your home and receive timely alerts when things go awry, you should definitely consider adding Swann products. The entire Swann ecosystem is comprised of inter-connectable wireless solutions that communicate perfectly with each other. The Swann ecosystem is also incredibly scalable because you can add new devices whenever you want - you don't need to make a massive commitment upfront.

We discuss how you can future-proof your home with Swann's connected Wi-Fi Alert Sensors, but you can also check out all the special offers it's running right now, here.

Detect movement around windows and door frames

The Wi-Fi Window/Door Alert Sensor is a sensor that alerts you whenever someone enters your property through the windows or doors. You have to simply attach the sensors to all the points of entry in your home. When someone opens a door or window, the magnetic connection between the sensor and receiver is disrupted, and you receive a notification on your smartphone. You can connect the window/door alert sensors with indoor sirens to receive audible alerts.

Monitor heat signatures and unwanted movements

The Motion Alert Sensor provides instant alerts when people, pets, cats, or other movements are detected. Unlike traditional motion sensors, SWi-Fi-MOTION is equipped with sophisticated passive infrared sensors (PIR) that monitor heat and movement and send alerts to your smartphone. Since the motion alerts combine motion with heat signatures, the risk of false alarms is negligible. When combined with video doorbells, you can also view the individual who has triggered the alert.

Detect water leakage and flooding

The Leak Alert Sensor informs you of possible water leakages from pipes and appliances. You can install the sensors in areas that may produce leaks, such as underneath pipes and washing machines. When the sensor detects water leakage, it releases an alert or notification, allowing you to take action quickly. The sensor is extremely slim and slender, so it can be attached to hard-to-reach areas without difficulty.

Release a loud siren during alerts

If you purchase the Wi-Fi alert sensors individually, you will receive alert notifications in your smartphone app. But if you combine the alert sensors with the Indoor Siren, you can also receive audible alerts when any of the sensors are triggered. SWi-Fi-ISIREN is an indoor siren that combines with all Swann Wi-Fi alert sensors, allowing you to receive instant siren notifications when there's an alert. The indoor siren is excellent at deterring intruders.

Connect the sensors to a video doorbell

You can connect the entire Swann ecosystem with SwannBuddy, an intuitive video doorbell. When you connect the video doorbell with the indoor siren, you receive siren notifications when someone's at your door. You can connect it to the motion or door alert sensors to see who has triggered the alert. The video doorbell has a powerful vertical view, heart and motion sensors, night vision, an integrated intercom, and a chime unit that informs you when there's a visitor.

Enhance your smart security needs as needed

The Swann ecosystem of smart security systems is incredibly scalable. You can purchase an individual piece to serve a particular need, such as detection motion, window/ door alerts, leaks, etc. Or you can purchase a comprehensive smart security system with sensors, sirens, and video doorbells. You can also install a few devices now and gradually enhance the security system as your needs increase. Swann's scalability makes it the ideal security system for individuals with all levels of security needs.

Control the entire security system from anywhere

You can control the Swann smart security system from anywhere in the world. All smart devices are linked to your smartphone app, where you receive notifications when the alerts are triggered. The security devices are connected via Wi-Fi, so you can monitor your home even if you're halfway across the world. With the Swann smart security system installed, you can go on vacations without any worries or concerns. If there's any problem, such as leaks or break-ins, you will be instantly notified.

Extremely simple and non-invasive installation

Swann's ecosystem of Wi-Fi alert sensors is also extremely simple to install. You don't need to hardwire the sensors to your home electrical framework - there's no need for professionals, hardwiring, drills, or other instruments. You can simply attach the sensors using double-sided adhesives. The Swann smart security system is ideal for renters and those who prefer DIY installations. Until recently, smart security systems were seen as the privilege of homeowners, but that's no longer the case - Swann makes home security accessible to all.

Be sure to check out all the special offers that Swann's running right now to pick up these sensors or anything else you might like for your growing smart home!

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