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Thursday, 30 June 2022

Samsung might be working on a cheaper foldable

Samsung is reportedly planning to widen the range of foldable phones it offers by opening up a cheaper set of options for buyers at some point soon.

These phones would apparently be to the Z Fold and Z Flip lineup what the Galaxy A phones are to the Galaxy S flagships.

That means they should offer compelling specs but a lower quality of build and finish to explain the lower cost, and would presumably therefore offer some of the first actually affordable folding phones of decent quality.

However, exactly what corners they'll cut isn't clear from the report by ETNews. The fact that lower-cost phones could expand Samsung's foldable dominance even further is fairly straightforward, but it will have to ensure that the phones are up to scratch.

After all, part of why foldable smartphones are still largely pricey is that they're complicated to build and expensive, too, so we'll be impressed if Samsung can get the price tag down particularly far.

This isn't the first time we've heard about Samsung aiming for an affordable folding phone, given there was quite a lot of noise about a possible Galaxy Fold Lite back in 2020, but that never materialised. Perhaps this is simply the same project, much further down the line.

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