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Thursday, 9 June 2022

The Last of Us Part 1 is coming to PS5 this September

PlayStation has rained on its own parade by accidentally leaking a full trailer for its rumoured remake of The Last of Us Part 1, presumably only a little early ahead of Summer Games Fest's opening show.

The trailer showcases a full remake of the game that looks mighty faithful to certain key moments, but represents a huge step up in terms of visual fidelity. It also confirms the game's release date as 2 September 2022.

It also says that the game has been developed for the PS5 from the beginning, suggesting we'll get high resolutions and frame-rates to play with, alongside presumably harrowing audio quality and haptics on the DualSense.

Whether the game will also come to PS4 isn't clear from the trailer, although The Last of Us Part 2 certainly looked superb on that older system, so it could theoretically come to the older hardware. It will also becoming to PC, marking the first time the game has been available on that platform, although that version will follow at a later date.

That would interestingly make it the second time the game has hit PS4, given it was remastered for the system early on in its lifecycle.

For now, we don't have any official details to go with the trailer, since the announcement isn't formal at this stage, but we'd anticipate PlayStation and Naughty Dog giving more details very soon, when some of these questions will likely be clarified.

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