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Thursday, 16 June 2022

Sony might be working on a pro PS5 controller

Sony has taken a while to let players have more choices than just the default DualSense controller on its PlayStation 5, with third-party controllers still only starting to hit the market.

There's always demand for more intensive pro-style controllers like Scuf's Reflex, that add extra paddle buttons for more instant control, and it seems like Sony has been paying attention to that.

Whereas for the PS4 it released a peripheral to add paddles to a normal controller, this time around it is reportedly working on its own professional-style controller. The information comes via industry leaker Tom Henderson.

He reports that Sony might unveil the new controller at the end of June this year, and that it will have paddles as well as removable components to make it way easier to repair, including the ability to remove the entire thumbstick component in case of stick drift.

Trigger stops and optional grip sections will let you customise how it feels to use even further, although we'd be surprised if it could match the pattern and colour customisation offered by the likes of Scuf.

That said, the real key will be how expensive it is - Scuf's controllers are really pricey, so Sony could steal a march if it can offer a first-party option that doesn't completely break the bank.

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