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Thursday, 16 June 2022

Samsung Wallet merges Pay and Pass and is rolling out now

Samsung has announced that it's merging two of its platforms, Pass and Pay, to create a simpler one-app Wallet that should be easier to use if you have both keys and passes on your phone, and also use it to pay a lot of the time.

It brings Samsung in line with Apple and Google in having a simple wallet of this sort, and can host your boarding passes, tickets, ID cards and more, all apparently defended by Samsung Knox.

Samsung's taking an extra step by adding a blockchain component that should let you also track your cryptocurrency investments through Samsung Wallet (if you have them), which might please some early adopters.

For now, the app doesn't actually support identification cards like driver's licenses and other ID, but that support will come later this year according to Samsung, although other providers like Apple have shown that this can be a quite gradual rollout since it needs cooperation from local authorities.

Samsung says that the update is rolling out now, and that users in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK and the US should be prompted to migrate over to Samsung Wallet soon, when they open their Samsung Pay or Samsung Pass apps.

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