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Friday, 17 June 2022

Is this the future of VR headset design and the Metaverse?

Meta has teased a vision of what the future of headsets might look like with a concept vision of a slimline headset being used for training purposes. 

The company has released a page on its site titled "The impact of the Metaverse" and on that page it has stated that it is "...building incredible things for the metaverse". Those things include the technology to help connect people to new virtual experiences. Those experiences include immersive training like allowing a surgeon to practice intricate surgery in virtual reality. 

In the accompanying video, we see a trainee surgeon wearing a futuristic slimline headset that's a lot sleeker than the Meta Quest 2 and even seemingly far more advanced than Project Cambria too. 

Along with the headset, they're also wearing tiny thimble-looking devices on all their fingers, presumably to track the fingertips and translate movements into VR.

These are likely future more advanced versions of the Haptic Gloves the company has shown off before. Though these are clearly far more futuristic and unlikely to be a reality any time soon. 

Naturally, this is just a tease of what the future of VR and the metaverse could look like, not something that the company is likely to produce at the moment. From what we can tell, the aim is to create various experiences for all, training for employees, educational experiences for students and immersive adventures to help us escape reality. 

We're certainly keen on a future of streamlined VR without cables or tethers to restrict your movements and real-time hand and finger tracking for a "real" feel of the VR world. Exciting things to come. 

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