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Friday, 17 June 2022

How to turn on picture-in-picture mode in Google Meet video calls

Google has announced it is updating Google Meet on the web with a new picture-in-picture mode. This is a major multitasking feature that will allow you to see what's happening during a Google Meet video call while still being able to conduct other work on your computer. Here's how the feature works.

How does picture-in-picture mode work in Google Meet?

Google is only offering the picture-in-picture mode to Google Meet on the web.

In other words, it's only available to you if you are in a Meet video call using in the Chrome browser. If so, when you enter picture-in-picture mode, you'll be able to see up to four video tiles of meeting attendees in a floating window on top of other applications. In a quick demo, Google showed how you could float your Meet video call to the bottom right of your screen and continue to do other tasks, including in the Chrome web browser, such as send an email.

How to turn on picture-in-picture mode in a Google Meet

  1. Start or join a Google Meet web-based video call from the Chrome browser.
  2. At the bottom of your Meet tab, click More options (three dots).
  3. Then select Open picture-in-picture.

That's it!

Are there controls for picture-in-picture mode in Google Meet?

There are no admin controls available for the new feature.

When will picture-in-picture mode be available in Google Meet?

The rollout started on 16 June 2022 and is expected to take a couple of weeks to complete.

Can anyone use picture-in-picture mode?

The new feature is available to:

  • All Google Workspace customers
  • All legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers
  • All users with personal Google Accounts

Want to know more?

Visit Google's Help Center to learn more about multi-tasking with picture-in-picture and changing your layout in Google Meet.

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