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Monday 6 June 2022

How to sort Spotify playlists by BPM: Get the perfect workout mix

We love our Spotify playlists, they serve as excellent companions whether we're driving, doing housework, hitting the gym or chilling out after a long day.

Sometimes, though, there's a serious speed mismatch and Dust in the Wind isn't really motivating us to hit a new personal best.

Well, it turns out sorting a playlist by BPM is actually pretty easy - you can even filter out songs that are over or under a particular BPM. It's a great tool to have at your disposal, making the perfect vibe curation as easy as a few clicks.

Here's how it's done:

How to sort a Spotify playlist by BPM

Make a playlist

To begin, you're going to need a playlist to sort in the first place. This can be one that you have already created or a brand new one, in either case, our results will be output as an additional playlist at the end.

We've got a massive mess of a playlist called 'Good stuff I stumbled across' - and as you might guess, it serves as a bit of a dumping ground for songs that we like, across a multitude of genres, moods and speeds. It's the perfect kind of playlist to filter by BPM, allowing us to create a fast version, a slow one, or even one that gradually changes as the playlist goes on.

For this example, we'll be making an upbeat playlist that's great for working out. So we'll want songs that are over 100 beats per minute.

Visit the Sort Your Music page

Unfortunately, this functionality isn't built into the main Spotify app just yet, so we'll need to visit an external website in order to do the sorting. Head on over to the Sort Your Music website.

Then, log in with your Spotify account by clicking the 'Login with Spotify' button.

You should then see a list of your created and saved playlists, and you can choose the one that you want to sort.

Sorting your playlist

Now you should be able to see all the songs in your chosen playlist, and you have a bunch more options than usual when it comes to sorting them. These additional options include Energy, which accounts for how energetic a song is, Danceability, how easy it is to dance to and Valance, which is how happy or sad a song sounds. Useful stuff!

Of course, we're here for the BPM, and handily we have two boxes at the top of the page which allows us to set a minimum and a maximum BPM. We have chosen 100 as our minimum BPM and 200 as the maximum, as well as unchecking doubled BPM.

We also decided to order the playlist by decreasing danceability, as the steady beats should be a good workout companion, and there's no way we're getting to the end of this mammoth playlist in one session.

Once you're happy, click on 'Save as new playlist' in the top right corner.

Go back to Spotify

In your Spotify app, as if by magic, you should see your newly created playlist. It will be automatically named something like 'X playlist sorted by decreasing X' but you can rename it as you wish, as well as remove any tracks that you don't want.

And there you have it, it may not be as seamless as right-clicking a playlist, but it's a really handy tool and we think it's definitely worth the extra steps.

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