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Friday, 17 June 2022

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is coming next year, second in a trilogy

Square Enix has hosted a lively anniversary live stream for Final Fantasy VII, and dropped some major news as part of it - Final Fantasy VII's remake trajectory will continue with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, releasing next year.

The game will pick up directly after the serious cliffhanger at the end of Final Fantasy VII Remake, and from the first trailer it would seem that we can expect even more deviation from the original game's events, and more questions about whether its most famous outcomes could be avoided.

In particular, we can hear Aerith discussing her own fate, something that's very much up in the air given the famous events of Final Fantasy VII.

The game is coming exclusively to PlayStation 5 at the end of next year, without a more precise date, but this still represents great news given the potential for radio silence about big projects like this.

Interestingly, Square also confirmed that there will be three remade games in total, this being the second of the three, so we know that we're due a good chunk more exploration of the original story, in time.

Square also announced a remake of Crisis Core during the same livestream, although that game will be coming out on the full range of platforms on the market: Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Switch and PC, so it's clearly not part of whatever agreement is in place with Sony for the main FFVII games.

It'll come out later this year, and looks like it doesn't match the polish of the main FFVII remakes, but fans of the slightly more obscure action game will be thrilled nonetheless.

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