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Wednesday, 8 June 2022

Everything we know about the Horizon Zero Dawn TV show: Rumours, details and more

The Horizon series has been a superb new entrant into the canon of videogames over recent years, starting with the stellar first game, Horizon: Zero Dawn, back in 2017.

While the games go from strength to strength, Netflix is reportedly developing a TV adaptation of their story - find out all the key details, right here.

Horizon Zero Dawn TV show development

At this stage nothing is official, and there's every chance that things won't pan out in a way the sees Horizon hit the silver screen at all, but the leading rumour is that Netflix is currently developing a show based on Horizon Zero Dawn.

That would see them bring Aloy's story to TV in a streaming format, and would bode well for the budget available to the show, since Netflix is one of the biggest spenders in this area when it needs to be.

The streaming giant also has a proven track record when it comes to taking on videogame franchises after it struck gold in the form of The Witcher, which capitalised on the games' popularity to great effect. It's also got a more recent example in the form of Resident Evil.

For now, we just have a report from Deadline to go on, but we'll keep our ear to the ground in case more rumours or news start to appear.

Horizon Zero Dawn TV show release date

We don't even have official confirmation that Netflix is really working on the show, so a release date is a long way off for Horizon - we wouldn't expect to see it anytime before late 2023 at this point, since it hasn't started shooting or even any definite pre-production.

How to watch the Horizon Zero Dawn TV show

If the report from Deadline is accurate, and it is indeed Netflix that's making the Horizon show, then you're in luck - that makes the question of how to watch it (eventually) a very simple one.

All you'll need is a Netflix account and regardless of where you're based that'll get you access to its original shows, of which Horizon sounds like it'll be one.

Horizon Zero Dawn TV show story

If the TV show ends up hewing closely to the story laid out by the game series, Horizon Zero Dawn will star Aloy in a post-apocalyptic future where humanity is struggling to survive in a world dominated by sentient machines.

These robots take the form of animal life, with dinosaur-like shapes and sizes to contend with, and while some are relatively peaceful others are fierce predators.

As much of a problem are the warring factions that dot the landscape, with different traditions and religions. All the while, Aloy has started to discover hints of how humanity fell from grace, and how she might be able to combat a threat that's growing all the time.

We won't go into much more detail since we don't want to spoil anything for those who haven't played the games, but Zero Dawn and Forbidden West offer up a really rich and vibrant future world that feels lived-in and populous while remaining strange and worrying.

If the show can capture even half of this atmosphere it'll offer something that few other TV series can match right now, although we suspect that it's going to take a heck of a lot of practical and CG effects to make everything look just right.

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