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Thursday, 16 June 2022

Bethesda confirms Fallout 5 but it's a long way off

In an almost anticlimactic manner, Bethesda has confirmed that it plans to create Fallout 5, although you shouldn't get your hopes up for a release date that is even remotely soon.

Talking to IGN about the different projects underway at Bethesda, Todd Howard reaffirmed that the studio is in overdrive finishing up Starfield, its next big game and its first new franchise in absolutely ages.

He mentioned offhand that its next big title will be The Elder Scrolls 6, as has been public knowledge for a while, but then dropped the bombshell similarly briefly that Bethesda will turn to Fallout 5 after that.

That's a mighty low-key way to announce the continuation of a massive franchise, but it's probably fair enough to just get the cat out of the bag.

With that said, the fact that he confirmed the next Elder Scrolls game is still only in pre-production, and given the ever-growing scale of Bethesda's trademark open-world RPGs that could take years to get out of the door.

We therefore can't see any real chance that Fallout 5 is ready itself any time in the next five years at least, since it sounds like Bethesda is doing one large project at a time as it stands. So, if you're a huge fan of the alternate-history franchise, you might have a while to wait yet.

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