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Tuesday, 7 June 2022

Battlefield 2042's first season of new content finally launches on 9 June

Dice and EA have unveiled the long-delayed first season of new content for Battlefield 2042, six months on from its extremely rocky launch - Season 1: Zero Hour.

The season brings a new map set in the Canadian Rockies, new weapons, vehicles and a new specialist to take control of, although there's a risk it's come too late to rescusitate a game that's still struggling for players.

Dice has long had a way with trailers, though, and the showcase above is certainly bombastic enough, making light of the issues that have plagued the game and led its developers to go back to the drawing board with a series of major technical updates over recent months.

Those resulted in a 1.0 update recently deployed, but the new season launching 9 June will also add a 100-tier Battle Pass for players to work through featuring cosmetic rewards and other unlocks.

The new specialist is Ewelina Lis, who brings a sophisticated rocket launcher that players can control in first-person view as she shoots - potentially allowing them to get around vehicles' countermeasures like flares to really level the playing field.

There's a new crossbow to try out, too, with explosive bolts if you want them, alongside a new marksman rifle and a smoke grenade launcher. Two new helicopters (one for each faction) offer a stealthy, modern alternative to those we've already been able to use.


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