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Monday, 13 June 2022

All-new Forza Motorsport promises on-track ray tracing and much more

Xbox has announced that the next game in its Forza Motorsport series will be available next spring - six years after Forza Motorsport 7.

Ditching the numbering nomenclature and reverting to the original Forza Motorsport name, the game will be current-generation only, meaning it will be released on Xbox Series X, Series S and Windows 11.

That's likely because last-generation Xbox consoles just couldn't be able to handle many of the new features coming to the franchise, including dynamic time of day and on-track ray tracing.

The new time of day mechanic doesn't just make the game look prettier and more realistic, it affects the driving experience. Using Turn 10's new from-the-ground-up physics engine, it can mean the track behaves differently depending on the racing time.

For example, a night time race could mean the track is cooler, so it takes longer to warm up you tyres and will therefore present a slippier drive initially.

Ray tracing greatly improves the look of the game, with cars reflecting in each other, etc. At present, ray tracing is mentioned alongside the new trackside pits, so we're unsure if it'll be available during actual racing. That'll likely be clarified later - maybe even during the extended Xbox showcase planned for 14 June.

Other things coming to Forza Motorsport (that we know about already), include more accurate car damage, and the return of some fan favourite tracks.

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