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Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro adds luxury ceramic and titanium finishes to the range

Huawei has unveiled a couple of new models to join its popular fitness tracking watch range. And these two are all about the luxury materials. 

There's the Huawei GT 3 Pro Titanium, a 46.6mm model which comes with a choice of fluoroelastomer, leather or titanium bands, and then the smaller 43mm Huawei GT 3 Pro Ceramic. 

Design wise, they look nothing alike, but feature all the same fitness tracking sensors and interface. 

The titanium-made model features a design reminiscent of the GT 2 Pro launched a year ago, with its titanium casing and sculpted, angled lugs. 

Watch GT 3 Pro Ceramic is something else entirely though. The case and the link strap are made from something called nano crystalline ceramic. 

Like any tech made from this material the process of crafting it involves heat, pressure and lots of time. The end result is a smartwatch that looks unlike anything else we've seen before. 

The gold accents may not be to everyone's taste, however. And for those who don't want a ceramic strap, there's a white leather strap you can use instead. 

Both watches feature a sapphire crystal glass over the display for a durable, scratch-resistant finish, and both have ceramic undersides. 

Both watches are water resistant featuring both IP68 water and dust resistance and 5ATM waterproofing. Plus, these are the first Huawei watches recommended for free diving, up to 30 metre depths. 

As for the sensor tech, it's all built around the TruSeen 5.0+ sensor system, which incorporates eight photodiodes and two sets of LED light source combined with AI to ensure the health tracking is all super accurate. 

That means all-day heart rate monitoring, the ability to read blood oxygen saturation and sleep tracking. 

They're also both equipped with 100+ workout modes, with deeper insights into running and cycling, plus new golding and free diving modes. 

Like the Watch GT 3, they feature the smart running coach which loads a customised training plan to your wrist, and then adapts based on your own performance. 

From a tech perspective they're similar too, but not identical. For instance, both have 466 x 466 resolution round AMOLED displays, but the larger is 1.43-inches versus 1.32-inches on the smaller. 

The larger also features a bigger battery, and that means longer battery life. With general use, the bigger model will go 14 days between charges, where the ceramic version goes about 7 days. 

They both loaded with HarmonyOS 2 as well, which means it supports Petal Maps for turn-by-turn navigation on your wrist, plus smart replies to text messages. 

Pricing is eye-wateringly expensive, which is great for high quality materials. The titanium version will be available to buy from 30 May with a price tag of just £299. The ceramic edition starts at £429, and will be available from 8 June. 


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