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Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Wyze Lock Bolt is a $70 smart door lock that can read your fingerprint

Google-search "smart lock" right now. What do you see? Locks from Google Nest and August and others - all for over $200 each? Smart locks aren't cheap, but Wyze is aiming to change that.

The smart home company, known for offering affordable products, has announced the Wyze Lock Bolt. It's a "smart" lock that looks like a matte black keypad, but it has a fingerprint reader. Notably, it doesn't have an internet connection, relying on Bluetooth for local control. Available directly through Wyze, it replaces your entire deadbolt and costs $69.99 (plus $10 shipping).

The Wyze Lock Bolt can be unlocked with your fingerprint or with a code entered onto the integrated keypad. The keypad/fingerprint reader is mounted on the front, while the rear houses the batteries and motor. It doesn't support a traditional key. You need to use codes or your fingerprints to unlock it and control it over Bluetooth via the Wyze app on your iOS or Android smartphone. (You can use the Wyze app to lock or unlock your door if you are within the 16-foot range of the Bluetooth 5.0 radio.) The Wyze Bolt can store up to 50 prints locally on the lock in addition to 20 keypad codes.

The Wyze app can also record who accessed the lock and when. But there is no Wi-Fi or other connectivity, so you can't rely on that or expect any smart home integration. In other words, you can't add the lock to your home automation routines or use it with voice assistants.

Still, it's an inexpensive keypad/fingerprint lock that works with the Wyze app on your phone if you are within distance. 

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/smart-home/news/160807-wyze-lock-bolt-is-a-70-smart-door-lock-that-can-read-your-fingerprint

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