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Friday, 22 April 2022

Subscribe to Prime? Now you get free shipping if stores use 'Buy with Prime'

Amazon has announced a new program, called Buy with Prime, that's meant to rival Shopify.

Businesses who ship products using Fulfillment by Amazon (Amazon's warehouse and delivery services) can now add Buy with Prime buttons to their websites. That means you can buy from these stores directly and get to use your Prime membership's benefits such as free shipping, next-day delivery, and free returns.

The caveat is, of course, you need to subscribe to Prime, which costs $15 a month.

Amazon's new Buy with Prime program could almost be considered a new perk for Prime subscribers. It's convenient to be shopping online and find a store that has a Buy with Prime button. If you have a Prime membership, you won't need to pay for shipping and you'll get next-day delivery and free returns. It's a huge value. Amazon, of course, is using this benefit to get more Prime subscribers. 

Another interesting aspect about Buy with Prime is it sort of competes with Shopify, which lets merchants quickly build their own online stores. If you're a small or medium-sized business, you can use Shopify's online tools to quickly set up your own online storefront. It's enabling businesses to sell goods on the web, without having to go through or list their items on Amazon. But now, online stores showing Buy with Prime Prime can let Prime subscribers easily checkout with the shipping and payment information already stored in their Amazon account. And they'll get free Prime delivery and free returns on eligible products.

Those benefits aren't free, though. Amazon will charge merchants undisclosed fees to use Buy with Prime buttons on their sites. 

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