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Monday, 25 April 2022

E Ink Gallery 3: The foldable colour e-reader tech explained

E Ink has announced Gallery 3, its next-generation colour e-paper display technology that will power future e-readers. This is a major update in the e-reader space. Here is everything you need to know.

What's new with E Ink's Gallery 3?

  • Advanced Color E-Paper can show over 50,000 colours
  • Three color modes: Fast (500ms); Standard (750-1000ms), Best (1500ms)
  • Pixel density of 300ppi

The biggest feature of this new screen is Advanced Color E-Paper, which can show over 50,000 different colours through a four-particle ink system (cyan, magenta, yellow and white) that allows a full-colour gamut at each pixel. The new E Ink Gallery 3 panel can therefore offer three colour modes, including a "fast" one that can refresh the panel at 500 milliseconds. Black and white update times are also improved, with the Gallery 3 now switching between monochrome pages in 350 milliseconds. Resolution is also better, with the Gallery 3 offering a pixel density of 300ppi, up from 150ppi on the previous panel model.

Does Gallery 3 support styli?

  •  Ink Gallery 3 will also support pen input in black and white
    • With an addition of several other colors and an update time of 30ms
  • The screen can support both WACOM and EMR

Yes, the next-generation panel supports stylus input at up to 30 milliseconds for black and white, and some colours. 

What else can E Ink's Gallery 3 do?

E Ink loaded the panel with its new ComfortGaze front light, which the company claims to offer a "blue-light safe viewing experience". 

Finally, the panel can function at temperatures up to 122 degrees F.

Does Gallery 3 work on foldables?

Yes, the new e-paper panel is rollable and foldable. See E-Ink's own tweet below:

E Ink Gallery 3 offers faster update times, improved resolution, a new front light technology that reduces #bluelight, and more! Learn more about the next generation of color #ePaper here. https://t.co/wHsLekvyDA pic.twitter.com/kkAhpuRKob

â€" E Ink (@EInk) April 25, 2022

Which devices have a Gallery 3 panel?

  • No devices have a Gallery 3 panel yet
  • E Ink will demo Gallery 3 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center on 27 April 2022
  • E Ink will demo Gallery 3 at California Panel Week on 10 May 2022

Because E Ink's Gallery 3 panel is a major update to the colour e-paper space, it will undoubtedly make its way to mainstream devices. But we don't know yet when e-readers and other devices will launch with Gallery 3. Pocket-lin will update you when companies such as Amazon and Kobo plan to use it for their next-generation e-readers. 

Want to know more?

See E Ink's announcement on Gallery 3 for more details.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/tablets/news/160879-e-ink-gallery-3-the-latest-colour-e-reader-tech-explained

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