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Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Ubisoft announces Rainbow Six Mobile

Ubisoft has confirmed a heavy set of rumours by announcing Rainbow Six Mobile, an upcoming mobile version of Rainbow Six Siege that will look to expand the brand to smartphones and tablets.

Like Siege's full versions on console and PC, Rainbow Six Mobile will offer tactical five-on-five team fights in which one team attacks while the other defends a set of objectives.

The defenders can put up defenses including barricades and traps to waylay their opponents, while attackers have a roster of their own tricks to use in an attempt to succeed.

These change depending on the characters you choose to play as, and there will initially be five on each side when the game launches, all of them adapted from the main game's roster.

One difference between the main game and this mobile version looks like it will be in how quickly you can kill opponents - Siege is famously brutal with just a couple of bullets often spelling death, but from the clips in the trailer above things look a little more generous.

This is common in mobile shooters to make up for the slightly more imprecise touch controls that most players will be using, a limitation that makes it a little harder to react really quickly when you're attacked.

The game doesn't have a firm launch date yet, but the official website does have the chance for you to sign up for early access, likely as part of testing before its release. It'll be free to play when it does drop, on both iOS and Android.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/games/news/ubisoft/160673-rainbow-six-mobile-siege-ubisoft-announced

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