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Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Thrustmaster launches a pro Xbox controller for smaller hands

We've ranked Thrustmaster's Eswap Pro controller for the Xbox as a really solid choice for those looking to customise their gaming experience for quite some time - it's a pad that lets you rearrange its stick layout completely on the fly.

Thrustmaster has smartly spotted, though, that it overlooked one part of the market by leaving the controller with its fairly chunky default shape, something that's comfortable for medium to large hands but a struggle for those with smaller grips.

It's now launching a new version called the Eswap S Pro, with a very simple premise - it's a very similar controller with most of the same benefits, but just a little smaller.

That means you still get trigger stops for quicker button actions and extra buttons on the controller's rear for a more reactive control scheme. You can also swap the sticks out by simply pulling them out of their sockets and replacing them.

It's a neat trick, one that Thrustmaster says will make it easier to use the same controller for years at a time since sticks are so often a point of failure (as both Nintendo's Joy-Cons and the PS5's Dualsense controller have proven).

The controller is wired, and comes in priced at £109.99 / $129.99 / €129.99, making it a mid-range option if you want a pro controller for your Xbox console. It launches on 28 April.


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