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Friday, 1 April 2022

The Twitch desktop app is going away soon

Twitch has announced that it's shutting down its desktop app and encouraging users to stick to a browser in future.

The company has sent out an email to its users letting them know that the desktop app is being shut down on 30 April 2022. Twitch has said that it made this decision based "on usage and community feedback".

The company says the decision wasn't taken lightly and that it will focus future efforts on enhancing user and creator experience:

"This move allows us to invest more heavily in enhancing and adding new ways to engage with the creators and communities you care about. If you're used to using the Twitch Desktop App, we recommend bookmarking in your browser of choice for easy access."

The desktop app was originally launched back in 2017 and gave both Windows and Mac users an easy way to watch their favourite creators as well as quick access to Prime Rewards. 

However, the design of the desktop app was basically identical to the streaming service's website and so it may be that many users never bothered to download the app. 

If you have the app installed and wish to remove it from your system then Twitch has a handy guide on how to uninstall it here.

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