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Friday, 1 April 2022

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 to feature beefier battery?

Samsung is rumoured to be updating its smartwatch lineup in the near future and, if a certification leak is anything to go by, both sizes of the Galaxy Watch 5 could last even longer on a full charge. 

A previous rumour detailed that the 40mm Galaxy Watch 5 will feature a 276mAh battery (vs 247mAh on the 40mm Galaxy Watch 4). The larger 44mm watch will see a similar increase, up to 397mAh from 361mAh. 

Battery life wasn't a major issue we found when reviewing the larger 44mm of the Watch 4, but we suspect the increase on the smaller model will definitely make a bigger impact. 

Like the previous rumour, this comes from SamMobile, having spotted listings for a wearable battery on a certifications website. 

When Samsung launched the Galaxy Watch 4, it was the first smartwatch to run the operating system co-developed between Samsung and Google. It meant taking the best bits of Tizen and Wear OS to make a stronger platform. 

It was supposed to be ushering in a new era for Google's WearOS platform, which would eventually make its way to watches from other manufactures. So far, the update process has been quite slow. 

Still, eventually, it should mean watches with decent battery life, properly customisable watchfaces, reliable fitness tracking and a user-friendly way to see all that data. 

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