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Monday, 4 April 2022

OnePlus Nord Buds certified by the FCC, launch imminent?

Rumours have indicated for some time that OnePlus could be planning on launching true wireless earbuds under its more affordable Nord brand. 

Initially we saw leaked renders created based on prototypes, which gave us a first look at what these new affordable buds might look like. Now, thanks to an official FCC listing, we have live photos. 

In the photos we see an earbud that looks identical to those leaked renders that appeared in February, complete with the ergonomic, rounded bud and short external, pill-shaped stem. 

It's rumoured these buds will feature ANC, low latency connectivity for gaming and an aggressive price point. And it will need to be aggressive if they're going to be cheaper than the OnePlus Buds already in existence. 

When it first announced its Nord brand, OnePlus told Pocket-lint that this wasn't going to be just smartphones. Rather, the company envisioned having an ecosystem of more accessible devices that all worked together. 

Since then, all we've really seen from the company is mid-range and budget smartphones at varying prices. With the Nord Buds (if that's what they end up being called), OnePlus will start making good on that original plan to expand beyond affordable phones. 

With the Nord buds now appearing in live photos in official certification reports, it's as good as confirming that the buds will indeed be launching at some point in the near future. 

Specifications, pricing and exact launch date are still unknown, but it seems at least we can be confident the release of Nord-branded earphones will happen soon. 

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