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Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Logitech's new mouse is an ergonomic step forward

Logitech has announced the Lift, a new mouse in its Ergo range of ergonomically-minded accessories that should be ideal for anyone who gets a sore wrist using a normal mouse for extended periods of time.

The mouse takes its place right in the middle of Logitech's options, from a pricing standpoint - it'll cost £69.99, which is far from low-budget, but pales in comparison to the pricier MX Vertical which has been around longer and has a few more input options.

Lift is a vertical mouse that keeps your hand upright in a more natural position as you use it, and is indeed really comfortable to use once you get used to it in the first day or two. It's available in black, white and pink options.

Most importantly, Logitech has also created a version of the mouse for left-handed people, something that's overlooked all too often where ergonomics are concerned, so you should be able to find a version that works for you either way.

We got some interesting insights into the amount of prototyping and research that goes into an ergonomic unit like the Lift from Logitech. It's certainly true that more and more people are seeking to make their working lives more comfortable, especially if they're working from home like so many of us now are.

The lift uses a single AA battery to reportedly get up to 18 months' use, rather than a rechargeable on-board battery, and can connect to up to three devices by Bluetooth, or using Logitech's latest Wi-Fi dongle.

The mouse will be available to order this month from Logitech,

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/laptops/news/logitech/160706-logitech-lift-ergonomic-mouse-announced

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