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Monday, 4 April 2022

Lewis Hamilton documentary Apple TV+: Everything we know so far

Apple confirmed in early March 2022 that it had landed a feature documentary on seven-time Formula One world champion Sir Lewis Hamilton for its TV+ streaming platform. With Netflix having the popular Drive to Survive series and Sky running its own Duel: Hamilton vs Verstappen documentary before the latest F1 season kicked off, it's clear F1 is currently the talk - or sport - of the town.

While the name of the Apple TV+ Lewis Hamilton documentary is still unknown, as well as its release date, we've rounded up everything we have heard so far.

This is everything we know so far about the Apple TV+ Lewis Hamilton documentary.

Lewis Hamilton documentary release date

Apple announced the Lewis Hamilton documentary on 9 March 2022, though the company didn't detail when the documentary would air. It's possible that it won't be too far away if the documentary 'They Call Me Magic' is anything to go by though.

'They Call Me Magic' is a four-part real-life story of two-time NBA Hall of Famer Earvin "Magic" Johnson. Apple announced its existence on 4 February 2022, released a trailer for it on 12 March 2022 and it is set to premiere on 22 April 2022.

Apple said in the press release of the Lewis Hamiton documentary that it will join the company's "slate of recently announced non-fiction programs, including 'They Call Me Magic'", so it's possible it will follow a similar timeline from announcment to release. It's also possible we will be waiting a lot longer, as it isn't clear if the documenatry will cover the current F1 season, which won't finish until late 2022.

How to watch Lewis Hamilton documentary 

When the Lewis Hamilton documentary does premiere though, we know it will be on Apple TV+. This service costs £4.99/$4.99 a month and it is available on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and a number of other devices, including through Sky in the UK and on smart TVs and games consoles. 

You can read all about Apple TV+ in our separate feature but it has had some excellent programs, including Ted Lasso - which is due to see a season 3 before the end of the year - so you might find a couple of other things to watch while you're waiting for the Lewis Hamilton documentary.

What to expect from the Lewis Hamilton Apple TV+ documentary

Apple has said the Lewis Hamilton documentary will "feature full access to Hamilton and his team, on and off the track, and an all-star cast of guest interviews." It's also said to be about the "life and career" of Hamilton.

We'd imagine that means we will see interviews with not only Hamilton himself but people like the Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolfe, and possibly Hamilton's sports and media talent manager Penni Thow. We'd also expect it to tell Hamilton's story and highlight some of the messages he has tried to portray in the past, such as the Black Lives Matter movement and LGBTQ+ rights.

In an interview with MotorSportWeek, Hamilton said: "We have this documentary that we're working on and I think you have to just do everything at the right time."

He added: "I think stories are there to be told. I think it's important. I think there's lots that can be learned."

"If you can affect and have a positive impact, if your story can have one positive impact even on one person or one family, that could be amazing," he said.

Hamilton has also been rumoured to be working with Apple on another Formula 1 film with Brad Pitt. Though Hamilton hasn't confirmed his involvement as yet, he said in the same MotorSportWeek interview that he was "going through a process right now of castings for another project".

Who is involved in the Lewis Hamilton Apple TV+ documentary?

Apple hasn't offered much detail on the Hamilton documentary as yet, though it has said it will be produced by Hamilton, Penni Thow, Box to Box Films and One Community. 

The company also said Richard Plepler will be executive producer through Eden Productions and Scott Budnick will also serve as executive producer. The director will be Matt Kay.

What can I watch before the Lewis Hamilton documentary arrives?

If you're looking for documentaries and series on Formula 1, there is plenty out there to get your teeth stuck into while you wait for the Hamilton documentary to hit Apple TV+.

Netflix's Drive to Survive season 4 has recently arrived on the streaming platform, which covers the 2021 Formula 1 season. There is seasons 1 to 3 available to watch as well.

There's also Sky's Duel: Hamilton vs Verstappen, which is a two-part documentary that tells the story of one of the most remarkable F1 seasons in history. 

You can of course, also watch the current F1 season on TV and mobile in 4K HDR. Our separate feature explains how.

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