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Wednesday, 6 April 2022

How to watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup on TV, online, mobile and in 4K HDR

The UK TV schedule for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar has been announced and you will be able to watch all of the matches for free

It will also be available to watch online and mobile via BBC iPlayer and ITVX - the replacement for ITV Hub which is expected "later this year".

Here are all the details including which match is on which channel/service.

How to watch the 2022 World Cup on TV

BBC and ITV share the rights to show all World Cup matches live in the UK. They will be broadcast on BBC and ITV channels, as well as the BBC iPlayer and ITVX smart TV apps.

We're yet to hear what stadiums each match will take place in, but here's a chronological list of the group matches, plus kickoff times and which broadcaster will be showing it.

Note: the playoff between Scotland and the Ukraine is yet to be played due to the war in Ukraine. And that also affects the last European playoff final against Wales, as that's the match that awaits the winner. Whoever qualifies will be in England's group - Group B.

We're also yet to find out who of the United Arab Emirates, Australia or Peru will take the last spot in Group D, and who from New Zealand or Costa Rica will take their spot in Group E.

Also, broadcast allocations for the knockout stages are yet to be determined.

Monday 21 November

  • Senegal vs Netherlands - 10am - ITV
  • England vs Iran - 1pm - BBC
  • Qatar vs Ecuador - 4pm - BBC
  • USA vs Ukraine/Scotland/Wales - 7pm - ITV

Tuesday 22 November

  • Argentina vs Saudi Arabia - 10am - ITV
  • Denmark vs Tunisia - 1pm - ITV
  • Mexico vs Poland - 4pm - BBC
  • France vs UAE/Australia/Peru - 7pm - BBC

Wednesday 23 November

  • Morocco vs Croatia - 10am - ITV
  • Germany vs Japan - 1pm - ITV
  • Spain vs Costa Rica/New Zealand - 4pm - ITV
  • Belgium vs Canada - 7pm - BBC

Thursday 24 November

  • Switzerland vs Cameroon - 10am - ITV
  • Uruguay vs South Korea - 1pm - BBC
  • Portugal vs Ghana - 4pm - ITV
  • Brazil vs Serbia - 7pm - BBC

Friday 25 November

  • Ukraine/Scotland/Wales vs Iran - 10am - BBC
  • Qatar vs Senegal - 1pm - BBC
  • Netherlands vs Ecuador - 4pm - ITV
  • England vs USA - 7pm - ITV

Saturday 26 November

  • Tunisia vs UAE/Australia/Peru - 10am - BBC
  • Poland vs Saudi Arabia - 1pm - ITV
  • France vs Denmark - 4pm - ITV
  • Argentina vs Mexico - 7pm - ITV

Sunday 27 November

  • Japan vs Costa Rica/New Zealand - 10am - ITV
  • Belgium vs Morocco - 1pm - BBC
  • Croatia vs Canada - 4pm - BBC
  • Spain vs Germany - 7pm - BBC

Monday 28 November

  • Cameroon vs Serbia - 10am - ITV
  • South Korea vs Ghana - 1pm - BBC
  • Brazil vs Switzerland - 4pm - ITV
  • Portugal vs Uruguay - 7pm - ITV

Tuesday 29 November

  • Ecuador vs Senegal - 3pm - ITV
  • Netherlands vs Qatar - 3pm - ITV
  • Iran vs United States - 7pm - BBC
  • Ukraine/Scotland/Wales vs England - 7pm - BBC

Wednesday 30 November

  • Tunisia vs France - 3pm - BBC
  • UAE/Australia/Peru vs Denmark - 3pm - BBC
  • Poland vs Argentina - 7pm - BBC
  • Saudi Arabia vs Mexico - 7pm - BBC

Thursday 1 December

  • Canada vs Morocco - 4pm - BBC
  • Croatia vs Belgium - 4pm - BBC
  • Japan vs Spain - 7pm - ITV
  • Costa Rica/New Zealand vs Germany - 7pm - ITV

Friday 2 December

  • Ghana vs Uruguay - 4pm - BBC
  • South Korea vs Portugal - 4pm - BBC
  • Serbia vs Switzerland - 7pm - ITV
  • Cameroon vs Brazil - 7pm - ITV

How to watch the 2022 World Cup online and on mobile

Both the BBC and ITV will host all matches on their respective BBC iPlayer and ITVX streaming services. You will be able to watch them through a web browser or mobile device.

Highlights and other coverage will also appear on their streaming apps.

How to watch the 2022 World Cup in 4K HDR

There's no confirmation yet on whether the BBC plans to offer its World Cup matches in 4K HDR. However, it did stream many of the 2018 World Cup and 2020 Euros in 4K HDR on BBC iPlayer so there's no reason why it wouldn't do so again.

If it does, the HDR format of choice for BBC (and most TV broadcasters) is hybrid log gamma (HLG).

You can find out if your TV will is capable of viewing 4K Ultra HD content over iPlayer here. You should also check with your manufacturer that it supports the HLG standard.

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