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Tuesday, 12 April 2022

Audio Pro C5 MkII arrives with support for AirPlay 2 and Google Cast

Audio Pro has announced an updated version of the C5 multi-room speaker, complete with improved acoustics and multi-room support. 

The C5 MkII arrives with much of the same tweaks as the Swedish audio specialists' C10 MkII model did in 2021, adding AirPlay 2 and Google Cast capabilities to help improve its chops as a smart speaker.

The device is available in black, white or grey, retaining roughly the same design as the original C5. The aluminium control panel still sits on top, with a textured shell and a leather carry handle also featuring. One slight change to the control panel is that it now offers a couple of preset buttons, which allow users to access their favourite playlist or radio station more easily - and without having to go through their phone.

If you do want to sync it up with your phone, though, it's not just Google Cast or AirPlay 2 support that you have at your disposal. The C5 MkII, as you might expect, can also link up via Spotify Connect and Bluetooth, though it does stop short of the full Alexa assistant support the C5A model offers.

Audio Pro also notes that the C5 MkII will offer better acoustics than its predecessor, too, but it's not yet clear just what changes have actually been made to the speaker layout or array. 

When we tested the C10 MkII, though, we did note that the upgraded model offered a bit more bass output than what we'd seen from the older models. Whether the same is true of the C5 MkII remains to be seen, but we're looking forward to testing it out throughout the home - something which should be easier than the C10 due to that neat handle. 

For those interested in adding the C5 MkII to their multi-room setup, it will retail for $350 / £300 / €350.

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