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Tuesday, 14 December 2021

Toyota commits to 30 electric cars by 2030, including new electric Lexus sports car

Toyota has outlined its plans to transition to the post-combustion era, with its Beyond Zero strategy. That's going to see 30 battery electric car models released by 2030.

Toyota has been relatively slow to get up and running with battery vehicles, despite having been a leader in hybrids for many years. Now, the commitment seems firm, following up after the announcement of the first battery electric model, the Toyota bZ4X, which was unveiled in November 2021 and expected in 2022.

This is actually going to be a family of vehicles sitting on a common platform - called e-TNGA - and will be joined by a mid-size SUV and a compact SUV.

The compact model is designed for Japan and Europe, will have a smaller battery due to its size and is designed around efficiency. Will this be the compact and affordable electric car to hit the big time?

There will also be a large electric SUV with a third row of seats to complete the bZ series. These will be bespoke mass market electric cars in addition to electric versions of electric models.

It's not just Toyota-branded cars that will get the electric treatment, Lexus also aims to move to 100 per cent electric sales.

There is already and electric Lexus available - the Lexus UX 300e - and that will be joined by the Lexus RZ, another SUV model. Lexus' focus is more on refinement and luxury than the mass market approach offered by Toyota.

The showcase car is likely to be Lexus' sports car. Currently just called Sports Battery EV, there's the promise of acceleration in the "low 2 second range" and 700km (430 miles) of range - and if solid-state batteries can make it into production, it's here you'll find it.

Lexus will be leaning on the learnings from the LFA for the development of this new sports car.

The aim is for Toyota to sell 3.5 million battery electric cars by 2030, while Lexus is targeting 1 million sales, globally. There's a lot of detail and a lot of launches to come over the next decade - but we're left hoping that there's something affordable in the smaller car space where Toyota has done so well in the past - electric Aygo or Yaris anyone?

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