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Thursday, 23 December 2021

10 personalized Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones

The holiday season is all about expressing your love and gratitude to those around you, whether that's family members or friends. Some people connect to their loved ones in person, and others do it through gifts sent from distant locations. Whether you're geographically together or far apart, you can still celebrate Christmas together with personalized gifts that make them feel special.

Selecting the right Christmas gift can be challenging. You have to find something that your loved ones need and want, something that highlights how you truly understand them. It's also important to personalize the gift â€" your loved ones should never feel like your gift could be sent to just about anyone. And there's no way to do that better than with personalized Christmas gifts.

This year, instead of standing for hours in line at a Christmas store, send gifts with personalized messages and images! You can send t-shirts, blankets, mugs, books, or sweatshirts with personal messages or cherished pictures and memories. That will make it clear that the gift has been especially designed for them, and they'll remember you whenever they use the gift! Best of all, you can get up to 50 percent off these gifts using the promo code HOLIDAY right now.

Below, we provide 10 personalized Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones!

Fleece Blankets

There's nothing quite as comforting as cuddling in front of the fire with a nice fleece blanket and a mug of coffee. You can send a warm fleece blanket with fun messages or photographs of cherished memories to your partners, friends, and family. You can keep your loved ones warm not just with the blanket but also with your memories.

Coffee Mugs

Everyone loves coffee â€" it's the first thing that most people drink in the morning. Send a personalized coffee mug to your loved ones to make them smile with memories of you. The coffee mug can include inside jokes, messages, or even just a picture of your cherished memories. This will help start their mornings off right.

Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are a staple for this time of the year â€" you can't do without them. When presenting your Christmas gifts, you should ideally attach personalized cards that express how much they mean to you. You can select some of your most prized memories to display on the card, create a collage of your family pictures and messages that make them smile.

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are ideal for families with pets and children. Your children probably make severe artistic masterpieces that you have no means of displaying other than taping them to the wall, which doesn't do justice to their creative abilities. Instead, you can take pictures of their artwork, turn them into three-dimensional canvas prints, and place them in a high-traffic area of your home!


Christmas is the ideal time to share personalized calendars with your loved ones. As the year draws to a close, they'll be looking for new calendars for the coming year. You can design a personalized calendar featuring all of your most treasured memories, and you can also mark the most important dates, such as your children's birthdays, anniversaries, and more. 

Drinks Coasters

Drinks coasters are essential for all homes, but they're especially important during Christmas. If you're hosting a lot of people in your home, you'll need plenty of coasters for all the surfaces where people may place their drinks. To add the Christmas touch, the drink coasters can be personalized with pictures of your family, quirky messages, or even the pieces of a puzzle!

Photo Books

You can celebrate the year gone, including its highs and lows, with carefully-selected pictures in a photo book! This is the ideal gift for loved ones, especially family because you can create a chronicle of your lives together. Not only does it allow you to indulge in some nostalgia for the year, but it also creates a physical memory for years down the line!

Fluffy Pillows

Fluffy pillows are the ideal gifts for children, parents of little children, or pet parents. You can print cute pictures of the children and pets on the pillows to share them with your loved ones. Whenever they lie down on the personalized pillows, it will feel like they're cuddling with their children and pets! This is a great way to preserve the most cherished memories and ensure they're highly visible.


If you want to show how much you care about your loved ones, design a personalized t-shirt just for them. If you're sharing it with friends, you can design matching t-shirts with inside jokes and quirky messages. If you're sharing the t-shirt with your family, you can print pictures of your pets, children, or cherished moments. This is the best way to embrace and celebrate your past memories.


Just like t-shirts, you can also design personalized sweatshirts for your friends and family. While t-shirts are great for regular use all around the year, sweatshirts are perfect for the Holiday period. Did you go on a vacation with your family this past year? Maybe you can use a picture from that trip! Did someone in your family get married? Gift them a sweatshirt with a picture from their wedding! Get creative while designing personalized sweatshirts for all your family members to show how much you care.

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