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Thursday, 23 December 2021

Huawei Watch D official, with ECG and blood pressure monitoring

Chinese company Huawei has announced the Watch D smartwatch, during an event on Twitter on 23 December.

The Watch D smartwatch has a rectangular design, more like the Apple Watch than latest Samsung's Galaxy smartwatches, but it comes with the ability to not only take an ECG reading, but take a blood pressure reading too.

Only Samsung have so far delivered a smartwatch in the consumer space that offers an on the cuff blood pressure reading. Apple has been rumoured to offer it on a future Apple Watch, but for now, it's a Samsung smartwatch feature. Samsung's tech is FDA approved and can therefore be offered in the US, though currently Huawei's tech has only been approved by the China equivalent.

The Huawei Watch D had been the subject of a number of rumours in the lead up to its reveal so its design won't come as a surprise to those following the speculation. It offers an IP68 water and dust resistance and it comes in black and white colour options. 

Recognising over 70 exercises, the Watch D offers features including heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and the ECG and blood pressure features we mentioned previously. 

It's not currently clear whether the Huawei Watch D will appear in the UK, Europe, or the US - we suspect the latter is unlikely or at least not with the blood pressure feature, though it will go on sale in China on 25 December 2021 and cost 2988 Chinese Yuan, which is around £350 and $470.

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