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Tuesday, 14 December 2021

LG Objet and StandbyMe lifestyle TVs to debut at CES 2022

LG has announced two "lifestyle TVs" that will fully debut at CES 2022 in January.

The LG Objet TV (65Art90) is a 65-inch OLED set with a canvas cover that raises or lowers at the touch of a button. That enables the screen to be hidden when not in use.

In addition, like the uber-expensive OLED R rollable TV that was released earlier this year, you can just show a slice of the screen and display a curated selection of functions, such as the date and time. Alternatively, it could just show the functionality for music playback.

When set in full view mode, the TV is much like LG's other premium sets, using an evo OLED panel. The cover uses Kvadrat fabric, with three different colours available: beige, redwood and green.

The other TV in the line-up is the LG StandbyMe. It's more a 27-inch entertainment centre that can be moved from room to room thanks to being battery-powered. There's enough power for up to three hours before it'll need to be recharged.

The display can be rotated, so you can as easily watch a TikTok video as a Netflix show, and the height can be adjusted.

A cradle is included that sits on the top of the screen so you can attach your mobile device to make video calls to friends and family.

Pricing and availability are yet to be announced. We hope to catch up with both TVs when we visit CES next month.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/tv/news/lg/159389-lg-objet-and-standbyme-lifestyle-tvs-to-debut-at-ces-2022

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