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Friday, 12 November 2021

Spotify looks to be moving into audiobooks, following new acquisition

Audiobook loving Spotify subscribers may have reason to celebrate today. A new acquisition hints at Spotify building out an audiobook library of its own.

The music streaming giant has acquired a company called Findaway, with a platform that is host to over 325,000 audiobooks. The Ohio-based company has partnerships with many major retailers including Amazon and Apple, as well as its own tools for audiobook creators.

It has not been made clear what Spotify's plans are with its latest acquisition, but we'd hazard a guess that there will be much more audiobook content coming to Spotify.

In early 2020 at the start of the pandemic, Spotify experimented by adding a handful of public domain books narrated by celebrities, along with the first Harry Potter novel. 

At the time, Spotify did not comment on whether to expect a larger library of audiobooks to be made available. Instead stating that it runs a lot of tests, some just for the sake of learning, rather than anything that becomes part of the product. In the time since, we have not seen any activity in the space.

There are similarities to be noted with the way Spotify approached its move into podcasts. The brand began by using a number of acquisitions to bolster its catalogue and creation tools prior to the full roll-out.

It's too early to say anything definitive, but things are certainly looking up for keen audiobook listeners.

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