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Friday, 26 November 2021

Don't wait to grab Aqara's latest and most-advanced indoor camera, G3 Camera Hub

Have you been looking for an opportunity to upgrade your smart home systems or indoor cameras? Well, you better get ready. For this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Aqara is offering amazing discounts of up to 30% on a wide range of their smart home accessories on all their Amazon brand stores. Whether you want to purchase an indoor camera for the first time or upgrade an outdated one, this is the perfect time to strike.

Aqara is one of the world's leading brands for smart home products and accessories, such as Zigbee smart home hubs, sensors, and cameras. They're currently offering stellar Black Friday discounts on numerous products, including their M2 Hub, E1 Hub, Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Motion Sensor, Water Leak Sensor, and Wireless Mini Switch. However, the product we're most excited about is the newly-released flagship home camera, G3 Camera Hub.

You can now get the G3 Camera Hub at a 20% discount, bringing its price down to only $87.99. Below, we highlight all the reasons you need to grab Aqara's latest and most-advanced indoor camera.

Recognize faces, gestures, pets, and more

Most smart home cameras now come with motion sensors that release push notifications when motion is detected. However, traditional motion sensors lead to an insanely high volume of false alarms because they're constantly triggered by pets and environmental elements. Furthermore, most indoor cameras can't distinguish between trusted individuals and strangers, so they keep going off whenever someone steps into view.

G3 Camera Hub is an AI-enabled indoor camera that can detect pets, faces, gestures, and much more. You can import the photos of all your household members and trusted individuals, so it essentially learns their names and identities. This allows you to receive notifications about the movements of specific household members, such as your pets and children. If an unknown person enters your home, you're given a stranger intrusion warning.

Furthermore, the G3 Camera Hub also recognizes gestures. That means you can teach it to associate specific actions to specific hand gestures, such as the V sign, four sign, OK sign, etc. This feature allows you to control the indoor camera using just your hand gestures! 

Guard your home 360-degrees with intelligent tracking

The G3 Camera Hub can be placed in a central location to guard your home 360-degrees. The camera features a 110-degree wide-angle lens, which can be coupled with the Pan and Tilt capabilities for complete 360-degree rotation. As such, you move the camera in whatever direction you want, eliminating all blind spots.

This camera also features automatic cruising, a feature that allows it to move automatically according to the default or pre-set paths, so that no blind spot is left unattended in your home. The camera also supports face tracking and pet tracking, which means if the camera detects a human face or a pet, it will follow the moving object where it goes. This feature allows you to keep track of pets or children when you're not around. It's also pretty handy in the case of potential burglaries because the intruder can't escape the camera's gaze.

Create a complete, subscription-free security system

The G3 Camera Hub serves two innovative functions â€" it's an indoor camera and a smart security hub in one! As a smart security hub with inbuilt Zigbee 3.0, you can connect up to 128 Aqara accessories and create a DIY, subscription-free security system. If you want to establish your smart home, this is the right time because you can now get up to a 30% discount on numerous Aqara smart home accessories, including window sensors, motion sensors, and more.

Compatible with HomeKit, Alexa, and Google

The G3 Camera Hub, and the entire Aqara smart home ecosystem, are compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. As such, you can connect this indoor camera to any of your existing smart home displays and devices, and you can also control it using your voice commands.

Grab a massive 20% discount for Black Friday

If you're excited about the features mentioned above, you should definitely grab the G3 Camera Hub in time for Black Friday. The camera is currently available at only $87.99 - a discount of 20%. Besides the G3 Camera Hub, you can also get discounts on the following Aqara smart home accessories:

If you're thinking of starting a smart home, now's the best time. You can essentially compile an entire smart home system for less than $200 â€" grab these deals while you still can! You can also find great deals in the UK and Canada, so be sure to visit Aqara's brand store on Amazon now.

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