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Friday, 12 November 2021

Best video doorbells 2021: Rating and ranking the top smart doorbell cameras we've tested

Video doorbells are essential to any smart home. Not only can they provide an instant look at door-knockers and allow you to speak to them directly, but they also double up as excellent security devices. With a top smart doorbell, you'll never miss the action at the front of your house.

The main thing you'll need to decide when buying a video doorbell is whether you want a wired option or a battery-operated option. If you go for wired, then you'll likely need to get an electrician to install it - especially if you don't have an existing wired doorbell. The battery-operated options can just be mounted to your door, but you'll need to charge the battery or buy a backup battery to switch over.

There are a number of solid options currently available on the market, but it's also worth considering that each company has different subscription options, as well. You'll need to factor this into the overall cost - particularly if you want to view historical video doorbell recordings. 

If it all sounds a little confusing, don't worry, that's where we are here to help - and why we have a dedicated FAQs section full of things to consider before you buy.

Since the Pocket-lint editorial team continuously tests and reviews smart doorbells - both battery and wired - we're also here to give you an idea of the best options out there. Read on to discover the video doorbells we currently recommend.

What is the best video doorbell? Currently, we recommend the Ring Video Doorbell 4. However, this is followed closely by the Google Nest Hello (wired), Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2, Google Nest Doorbell Battery and Arlo Essential Video Doorbell Wire-Free.

Our Top Pick: Video Doorbells

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