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Saturday 26 June 2021

Write distraction-free on the go with this portable word processor #rwanda #RwOT ##tyt2021

Cut out the distractions of browsers and notifications while you write.

TL;DR: Practice your creative writing anytime, anywhere with the Freewrite Traveler Portable Writing Tool, on sale as of June 26. Use code FREEWRITE20 at checkout to get one for $429 — a $70 discount.

As any writer knows, it’s very easy to get distracted. Say you have a genius idea for a song or story, but as you pick up your phone to jot it down in your notes, you receive an email. The email steals your attention and that brilliant idea in your head is now gone. With the Freewrite Traveler Portable Writing Tool, you don't have to worry about emails or any other distractions keeping you from getting out your ideas.

Successfully funded on Indiegogo with more than $745,000, the Freewrite Traveler is the ultimate writing tool for the easily distracted. It’s part retro and part modern in that it’s similar to a laptop in portability and style, but eliminates all the distractions of browsers and notifications. It serves just one purpose: letting you type words distraction-free. 

See it in action:

It features a full-sized scissor switch keyboard that you can set up in more than 30 different layouts — from QWERTY to AZERTY to DVORAK. The E Ink display uses ambient light that’s easy on the eyes and won’t wash out in direct sunlight, similar to a Kindle, so you can write for hours without straining your poor retinas. And at just 1.6 pounds, it’s lighter than a typical laptop. Slip it in your bag and get your thoughts down wherever you go.

Without unnecessary apps always running in the background, the Freewrite Traveler's battery can last you up to four weeks. Plus, it can hold about 1 million pages of drafts and seamlessly back them up to the cloud — leaving you free to focus on writing.

Regularly $499, you can snag this portable writing tool on sale for a limited time for just $429 when you use the code FREEWRITE20.

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