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Wednesday 30 June 2021

The 7 best astrology, horoscope, and cosmic magic podcasts

It's always astrology podcast season, baby.

For centuries and across many cultures, humans looked up at the stars and planets for guidance. The contemporary stargazer is no different, really â€" only now, there's a lot more information to wade through in their search for astrological knowledge.

Since podcasting is a modern medium grounded in other ancient practices like oral storytelling, it can be a great guide into these vast, ever-expanding practices of divine planetary exploration. Whether you're into astrology, magic, divination, tarot, or another form of cosmic spirituality, there is undoubtedly a show that's right for you.

With the advent of technology, there's never been more access to these previously esoteric practices. That can be both a blessing and a curse for many reasons, like a higher potential to appropriate other people's culture. That's why we're here to help point you in the right direction to the podcast that unlocks what the stars and planets have in store for you.

1. The Luminaries with David Odyssey

An unabashedly and fabulously queer podcast, The Luminaries perfectly blends pop culture analysis with astrology and tarot. From Sailor Moon characters to Britney Spears, host David Odyssey is joined by a litany of equally great guests who apply their cosmic knowledge to gain further insights into our modern icons. Described as a dive into the "waters of queer consciousness," it also addresses concerns many have about the heteronormativity that's been baked into traditional astrology teachings. For all those who find themselves straddled in the Venn diagram of magical and LGBTQ communities, this is a podcast you can call home.

2. Ghost of a Podcast

A big part of what attracts folks to astrology is the idea of getting personal life advice from the universe at large. But host Jessica Lanyadoo isn't just some vague, mealy-mouthed horoscope slapped onto the back pages of a Cosmo. She brings twenty years of experience as an astrologer and psychic medium (along with a great sense of humor) to her podcast, with no-bullshit advice on all of life's greatest questions that intersect with the cosmic.

Unlike many other approaches to astrology, Lanyadoo isn't here to tell you how to live. Instead, she providers the insights needed to figure it out for yourself. Through in-depth answers to listener questions, she tackles everything from the queering of astrology to its application to our professional work, offering a deeper understanding of both yourself and the practice at large.

3. What's Your Sign

If you enjoy casually talking astrology shop with friends, then What's Your Sign? is definitely the podcast for you. As a conversational comedy podcast, there are lengthy intros and asides diving into the personal and mundane rather than just the cosmic. But that's kind of the point, as co-hosts Julia Loken, Stevie Anderson, and Lisa Chanoux bring their knowledge of the zodiacs and astrology into their everyday lives.

4. Horoscope Today

From Aquarius to Sagittarius, these twelve horoscope podcasts by Parcast provide readings for each individual astrological sign every day of the week. The super brief, minutes-long episodes fit in perfectly with other daily podcasts that might be part of your morning routine. Pair your horoscope with a daily news (like What A Day) or pop culture podcast (like The Daily Zeitgeist) and you can even recreate the experience of a print magazine, which often ended each issue with a look at what was in store for each sign's relationships, creativity, and professional life.

5. The Astrology Podcast

You can't have an astrology podcast roundup without mentioning one of the OGs, with a name that tells you exactly what it is. While a lot more technical, dry, and in-the-weeds than others on this list, host Chris Brennan calls himself a professional astrologer for a reason. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his practice, whether he's interpreting the movement of the planets and stars with his monthly horoscopes or bringing on guests for discussions. Beginners should check out a recent episode (embedded above), where he interviews the co-hosts of the Camp ReEducation comedy podcast to address common questions from astrology skeptics.

6. Your Magic

While not exclusively about astrology, Your Magic is the new Spotify Original podcast that those who are down with all things mystical absolutely cannot miss out on. Hosted by author and poet Michelle Tea, it explores personal journeys through the lens of cosmic spirituality â€" but also, it's far less pompous than all that. One of the most beginner-friendly shows on our list, every episode centers around a celebrity guest interview, with folks like Phoebe Bridgers coming on to discuss their magical practices as well as a tarot reading that digs into whatever they're currently going through. But each week also offers one lucky listener their own tarot reading from Tea, and also offers a spell, affirmation, or manifestations you can try out yourself.

7. Stars Like Us with Aliza Kelly

The stars, whether human or celestial, are just like us! At least that's the idea behind the Stars Like Us podcast, which is answers the question of, "What if late night talk show, but for people who love crystals?" Aliza Kelly describes herself as a celebrity astrologer, bringing on a host of other well-known names in the mystical and/or alt creator communities to explore a variety of out-of-this-world topics. With a focus on astrology, all topics of cosmic curiosity are welcomed and explored thoroughly.

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