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Tuesday 29 June 2021

If you like Pornhub, these raunchy dating sites are worthy alternatives

Since the pandemic started, we've largely taken to apps and websites to uh, satisfy our needs. And while porn has seen an uptick during the pandemic in areas that have strict stay-at-home orders, studies also show that coping, boredom, and psychological distress all go hand-in-hand with greater levels of porn consumption.

If you like porn but want to make things a bit more interactive, these are some popular dating sites that will help you achieve that. There's a little something for everyone, whether you're looking to explore your kinky fantasies, make a lasting romantic connection, are looking for senior love, simply want to hook up, or want to keep things safely socially distanced and just cam and chat.

And if free videos with easy-to-search categories like Pornhub offers are what do it for you, there's even some of those on our list too. While these sites are by no means perfect and some of them are pretty raunchy, here's the scoop on what you're getting yourself into.

Dating on NSFW sites

Keep in mind that 'dating' on NSFW sites like Grindr and GetItOn is about as subtle as the platforms' names: Users are there to find a connection for a night, a threesome, or an ongoing sex buddy situation â€" not a long-term partner.

Also, sites like this don't operate without mutual consent and boundary-setting (and -respecting!). When you're building out your profile, be specific and honest about what you're looking for and wanting so you can find people who genuinely match up with you and your interests or fetishes.

Should I use an NSFW site for dating?

If you're looking for no-strings-attached sex, or, with COVID-19 still a threat, just a sexting or Skype-sexing buddy for the evening, NSFW sites can be ideal for getting your, uh, needs met and getting straight to the point. 'Dating' here is a very loose term â€" think of these as sites and apps for hooking up.

Users on these apps tend to be fairly direct â€" don't expect a dinner invitation before you get asked over to their flat. If that's not your cup of tea and you need a little more of the getting-to-know-someone before jumping into bed with them, these might not be the right sites for you.

What precautions to take when using an NSFW dating site

If you're on a site where you need to share personal information or choose a username, be careful about the information you're giving out â€" and about what kind of information it is. Things like credit card numbers are vulnerable to hackers, and using your real name on platforms like these can compromise your safety if you happen to stumble upon the wrong sort of people on the sites. Always choose a username that doesn't have a relationship to your first name, and be careful about the personal information you share (like where you live, etc.).

What else is important when using an NSFW dating site?

Besides not giving away any personal information, especially for things like anonymous encounters on cam or sexting sites, know the risks when it comes to sending nude or partially nude photos containing identifying details like your face or tattoos. While it's against the law in many places to circulate private sexual images, that doesn't stop people from doing it.

Like Pornhub, all of these sites are free to use, with some offering various levels of paid membership to unlock bonus features.

Before clicking through consider yourself warned: NSFW content awaits.

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