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Sunday, 6 June 2021

TikTok's white girl dancing is pure joy #rwanda #RwOT #Luka

TikTok's white girl dancing is pure joy

There are few activities more freeing than the white girl dance, which is less of a dance and more of a transcendental journey to the highest vibe imaginable. 

Regardless of gender or race, white girl dancing is a joy to behold and perform. The trend started on TikTok, where creators tried to emulate the liberating joy that white women seem to embody after a few drinks. 

In one of the first white girl dance videos, creator Elijah McWilliams posted a TikTok of himself dancing in a laundry room captioned, "Sometimes you’ve just gotta stop and white girl it out." He paired it with Calvin Harris and Disciples' 2015 song, "How Deep Is Your Love," a club bop made for white girl dancing.  Read more...

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