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Saturday 26 June 2021

Learn more about your pup with a food and environmental intolerance test

Help your furry friend live a long, healthy life.

TL;DR: Demystify your pet's symptoms with the 5Strands Pet Food and Environmental Intolerance Test, on sale for 8% off. As of June 26, grab one for $134.99.

Since dogs can't talk (except for a few very good boys), we're often left playing guessing games. Is Buddy eating grass because he is sick or because his stomach couldn't tolerate the new treats you got him? Is Daisy scratching her face because she has an infection or because she's allergic to the cleaning supplies you're using? The unknown can lead to a lot of frustration â€" likely for you and for your pup.

That's why 5Strands developed a pet food and environmental intolerance test. With a simple, painless hair sample testing kit, you can get some insight into your dog's reactions. Intolerances are different from allergies in that they don't involve the immune system. They're non-life-threatening responses that can appear anywhere from several hours to several days after coming into contact or ingesting something â€" like upset stomach, constant scratching, paw biting, hair loss, and more. They're the types of things that you would recognize with your own body and avoid â€" like lactose intolerance.

With a simple hair specimen, 5Strands can help to identify temporary imbalances in the body that may be causing symptoms. Then they will send your results over in a week to 10 days. The 5Strands food and environmental intolerance test kit covers proteins, grains, veggies, fruits, fats, seafood, additives, and preservatives, as well as environmental things like fabrics, cleaning supplies, grasses, trees, mold, dust mites, and more. In total, there are 255 common pet food ingredients tested and 100 common environmental items.

Check out how it works:

With your results, you'll also get an elimination guide that walks you through the process of removing the intolerances from your pet's diet or environment. That way, you can immediately start to boost your pup's quality of life. 

For a limited time, you can order one of these kits for your own dog for just $134.99 (regularly $148).

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