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Sunday 20 June 2021

How to delete your Zoom account

How to delete your Zoom account

Even people who never used Zoom before 2020 are intimately familiar with the video conferencing app by now. It's been a useful way to stay connected with friends, have meetings, or host events as we stay distanced. 

But privacy concerns have some people questioning whether they should use Zoom at all. Some have switched to alternatives that offer better security and deleted their Zoom accounts.

If that's you â€" or if you just don't want to use Zoom anymore â€" you can find everything you need to know to delete your Zoom account permanently here.

It's pretty simple to delete your Zoom account, whether you're using the free or paid version. Zoom does note, however, that paid users will need to cancel their subscriptions before deleting their accounts.  Read more...

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