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Monday, 11 July 2022

Will Apple's extreme sports smartwatch be called Apple Watch Pro?

There have been plenty of rumours to suggest Apple will be launching a rugged smartwatch alongside the Apple Watch Series 8 and a new Apple Watch SE later this year, and the most recent speculation gives some idea as to what it might be called, along with a couple of extra bits of information.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, who has previously reported on the Apple Watch edition for extreme sports, believes the device will be given Apple's Pro treatment, like we have seen on the iPhone, iPad, MacBook and AirPods. The Pro branding typically means some improvements, such as screen, performance, camera and of course, price.

In the latest edition of his "Power On" newsletter, Gurman claims the "Pro" Apple Watch will differentiate itself with a larger and more shatter-resistant screen, tougher body with a rugged case that isn't aluminium and longer battery life. He also says it will feature enhanced swim tracking and hiking.

While Gurman offers up some potential names for the rugged Apple Watch - which is said to be codenamed N199 internally - such as Apple Watch Max, Apple Watch Extreme and Apple Watch Explorer Edition, he says he believes the company will go with the Apple Watch Pro name and marketing.

Additionally, Gurman says his sources have told him it will only come in a cellular model, like the Apple Watch Hermes does and not Bluetooth and Cellular models like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro are expected to. He believes it will have a case size between 46mm and 47mm and he thinks pricing could start as high as around $900 or $999.

Gurman also said in his newsletter the Apple Watch Series 8 will see an improved display, body temperature sensor and an S8 chip that will have the same performance as the S7 and S6 chip. The new Apple Watch SE meanwhile is said to get the same S8 chip as the Series 8 but won't have the body temperature sensor.

For now, nothing is confirmed, but Apple Watch Pro makes total sense so we can see that being accurate.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/smartwatches/news/apple/161796-will-apple-extreme-sports-smartwatch-be-called-apple-watch-pro

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