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Tuesday, 26 July 2022

How to cancel Amazon Prime

Amazon has already raised the price of Amazon Prime in the US in recent times and will soon do so in the UK and Europe too.

And, although there are a number of benefits to being a Prime member, you might find the new pricing a bit too steep. Or, you just aren't making enough use of the service to justify its cost.

Either way, it's easy to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription. Here's how.

How to cancel your Amazon Prime membership through the Amazon mobile app

Whether you pay monthly or annually, it is a doddle to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription through the Amazon app for iOS or Android.

- First, open the app, ensure you are signed into Amazon and tap the account icon at the bottom of the screen - it's the one shaped like a little person.

- On this next screen, tap "Your Account".

- You should see "Prime Membership" under "Account Settings" on the next screen, tap on it.

- A new screen with the name of the account holder and stats such as "benefit usage" will appear. Tap the "Manage membership" bar near the top of the screen. Now tap the "Membership: Update, cancel and more" bar.

- A new screen with different membership options will appear, one of which will be "End Membership". Tap the bar at the bottom and then follow the simple steps to cancel Amazon Prime.

How to cancel your Amazon Prime membership through a web browser

It's also easy to cancel your subscription through a browser.

- First, head to the Amazon homepage for your region (ie. for the UK, for the US).

- Sign into your account if you haven't already.

- Click on the "Account & Lists" button at the top right-hand corner of the page, which appears under your name.

- Click on the Prime button that appears on the next page.

- As with the mobile steps above, you should see a screen with your Prime benefits and the date at which you current subscription will renew. Click on "Manage Membership: Update, cancel and more".

- a pop-up will appear with an "End Membership" button at the bottom. Click on it and follow the steps.

NOTE: Whether you use the app or web browser, you will continue to receive Amazon Prime benefits until your next renewal date. You will no longer be able to use any of the benefits attached to Prime membership from that day on (unless you re-subscribe somewhere down the line).

If you do cancel and want to sign back up again in future, you can use the link below:


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