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Wednesday, 27 July 2022

This smartwatch can accurately measure your blood pressure with an inflatable cuff

The smart wearables market has grown significantly over the past years, and smartwatches are undoubtedly the most popular and widely-used wearable devices. People are drawn to smartwatches because they can track accurate measurements, sleep patterns, fitness levels, and health markers, such as blood pressure, oxygen level, and more. But the systems used for tracking blood pressure aren't always accurate, so you only receive approximate information.

WearWiz, a one-stop platform for wearable devices, has released an incredibly innovative smartwatch that uses medical-grade systems to calculate blood pressure and other health markers. BP Doctor Pro is a smartwatch equipped with a patented inflatable cuff for accurate blood pressure monitoring. Instead of relying on approximate information, you can receive accurate blood pressure information within seconds.

BP Doctor Pro takes smartwatch health measurements to the next level, combining daily life applications and medical capabilities to keep track of your overall health in a non-intrusive manner. Below, we highlight the most unique features and benefits of the BP Doctor Pro smartwatch.

Accurately detect blood pressure with medical-grade inflatable cuffs

The BP Doctor Pro is one of the first smartwatch devices capable of medical-grade accuracy in blood pressure measurement. Applying the Patented Oscillometric measurement (the only medical-grade method for blood pressure measurement), BP Doctor Pro can measure your blood pressure accurately. The results are within ±10mmHg of the values of a traditional sphygmomanometer, depending on the body or mood condition.

The BP Doctor Pro is equipped with inflatable air cuffs (similar to traditional blood pressure monitoring devices). As the band inflates, the monitor of the smartwatch senses the pulses of the arteries beneath the band, known as oscillometric pulses. The pressure sensor of the smartwatch displays the digital reading of your blood pressure on the screen, providing an accurate measurement of blood pressure within seconds.

You can follow these steps to measure your blood pressure accurately:

  1. Sit down in a comfortable chair with back support.
  2. Elevate your arms to the same level as your heart.
  3. Ensure your upper arm is close to your body.
  4. Relax your hands - don't close your fist.
  5. Keep your feet flat on the ground without crossing your legs.
  6. Ensure the smartwatch is two fingers from your palm.
  7. Tighten the band.
  8. Tap the home button on the smartwatch.
  9. Tap the blood pressure button on the screen.
  10. The air cuffs will inflate to capture your blood pressure.

Measure blood oxygen, heart rate, exercise, and various other health metrics

Accurate blood pressure measurement is the BP Doctor Pro's most exciting feature. But this smartwatch can also track and measure numerous other health metrics, including blood oxygen levels, heart rate, HRV, workout levels, sleep quality, and calorie consumption. Whatever you want to track, you can easily access your health data with a few simple taps.

24/7 measurement, anytime and anywhere

You can continuously measure your heart rate and blood pressure - anywhere and anytime. All of your past measurement results are maintained in your app, so you can easily check and track your history. Since the measurements can be done using only your smartphone, you don't have to carry bulky traditional blood pressure monitors.

3 to 7 days of continuous use with one charge

The BP Doctor Pro lasts for three days with frequent use and up to seven days on standby mode. That means you receive three to seven days of continuous use after charging it for only 1.5 hours.

Track heart rates and pace in motion

The BP Doctor Pro includes walking and indoor or outdoor running modes, which allows you to accurately track your heart rate and pace in motion. The smartwatch automatically tracks your distance, time, calories burnt, and other essential details.

Measure the quality of your sleep

The BP Doctor Pro automatically starts tracking your sleep quality and levels. When you fall asleep, it starts tracking light sleep, deep sleep, and wakefulness, and these results can be studied from your smartphone app. As such, the BP Doctor Pro hopes beyond simply measuring hours of sleep - it also measures the quality of sleep.

Monitor and record data through smartphone apps

The BP Doctor Pro comes with a smartphone app available in the iOS store and Android Play store. The smartphone app allows you to control the smartwatch, track your health markers, check your health history, access visual graphs, and receive information on how to boost your health.

It also has a helpful section called "My Family" where you can connect with someone you care about to gain access to their own health records and history, which is perfect for keeping track of an elderly relative, or your child, for example.

The BP Doctor Pro is one of the most advanced and innovative smartwatches on the market, geared specifically towards health tracking. This is one of the only smartwatches equipped with a medical-grade air pump for tracking blood pressure. If you're conscious about your health and want a simple means of tracking your activity levels, the BP Doctor Pro is certainly worth considering.

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