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Wednesday, 6 July 2022

TikTok is testing letting creators restrict livestreams to over 18s

TikTok has confirmed that it is testing a new setting that will let users restrict live stream viewers to just adults.

Some users have reported seeing the new option to toggle on live streams with so-called "mature themes". This option essentially sets live streams so they can only be seen by viewers over 18 years old. 

This move isn't to create adult content as such though. All content created for the platform, including adults-only live streams are still subject to TikTok's policies. These include policies on nudity, sexual activity and violence. So creating such content for live streams will result in punitive actions for your account. 

The idea instead is to let creators broadcast content that isn't aimed at kids and instead is for an adult audience. This in theory will then stop younger people seeing things that don't interest them. 

This is part of a larger plan that TikTok is implementing to identify content for different age groups. The company has been working on a system to identify and restrict content where necessary so mature content isn't accessed by a younger audience. 

Tracy Elizabeth, TikTok's US Head of Issue Policy spoke about this earlier this year saying:

"We've heard directly from our creators that they sometimes have a desire to only reach a specific older audience. So, as an example, maybe they're creating a comedy that has adult humour, or offering kind of boring workplace tips that are relevant only to adults. Or maybe they're talking about very difficult life experiences...so given those varieties of topics, we're testing ways to help better empower creators to reach the intended audience for their specific content."

So we should be seeing more of this sort of thing in future. 

In the meantime, the adults-only live stream settings are being tested with a select number of users and may roll out more widely soon. 

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/apps/news/tiktok/161755-tiktok-is-testing-letting-creators-restrict-livestreams-to-over-18s

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