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Thursday, 7 July 2022

Sony adds ALLM toggle with latest PS5 system software update

Sony has released a software update for the PlayStation 5 that, among a few minor system tweaks, adds the ability to turn Auto Low Latency Mode on or off.

If you have a TV that supports ALLM, turning the option to automatic means the PS5 and TV will automatically switch it on when playing a supported game. Switch it off and they won't.

Auto Low Latency Mode is a technology that allows a TV to recognise when a game is playing and to set the correct picture mode. This often turns of motion picture processing and other TV tech to reduce the latency for gaming.

The only time ALLM will activate when switched off is if you are also using Variable Refresh Rate and the game supports it.

VRR can be found on many TVs and allows the set to adjust the frame rate in real-time, depending on the game's output. This ensures a smoother visible experience. It was added to the PS5 in a previous software update.

You can read more about ALLM and VRR here.

Many modern OLED and LED TVs support both ALLM and VRR these days. A fair few released in 2022 even have their own game mode menu systems to tweak the output further.

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