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Tuesday, 12 July 2022

Razer's ANC over-ears are 55% less for Amazon Prime Day

Razer is best known for its gaming laptops and accessories, but it also has noise-cancelling headphones called Opus.

Those headphones have been around for a while now meaning they're prime for a Prime Day discount. 

These are everyday wireless cans that compete with headphones from Bose, Sony, and others. They usually cost $200 in the US and £199.99 in the UK but now they're cheaper during the Prime Day sales. 

You can currently grab a 55% discount on the Razer Opus when shopping with Prime Membership on Amazon UK. That means these cans are £89.99 instead of the usual £199.99. 


On paper, the Razer Opus are a great option. With the headphones, you can customise sound profiles in a companion app, or you can stick with the default THX setting.

The Opus headphones are THX-certified, which apparently means they offer a "frequency range and response that are capable of delivering clear, detailed vocals, and deep impactful bass with zero distortion at high volumes", according to THX, which is owned by Razer.

These aren't surround-sound headphones, however. They're ideal for casual listening to music and have a battery life rated at up to 25 hours, which is about average for these types of full-size headphones. The Opus can automatically pause your music when you take them off your ears, too, and resume playing when you put them back on. They also have support for the AptX streaming codec.

The Opus charge over USB-C and come with a carrying case as well as a cord in case you prefer to go wired. The headphones have physical controls (no touch), including a button you can press to allow in ambient sound in the outside world.  As for that noise cancellation feature, Razer described the technology as "hybrid active noise cancellation" backed by four dedicated ANC mics in the cans.

Add it all up, and these are for most consumers who want wireless over-ears that seamlessly let you listen to music and hold a conversation.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/deals/prime-day/152256-razer-takes-on-sony-and-bose-with-200-opus-anc-over-ears

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