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Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Nintendo is making a limited edition Switch OLED for Splatoon 3

Nintendo has unveiled a limited edition Switch OLED that it has made to tie in with the impending release on painting shooter Splatoon 3.

The bundle will release on 26 August 2022, a couple of weeks before the game's own launch on 9 September.

The console has a fun set of designs all over it, and occasional splotches of neon colour to offset them, in keeping with the game's look and feel, while the Joy-Cons are particularly bright and funky, with a light green-to-yellow and purple-to-blue gradient respectively really drawing the eye.

Also launching at the same time are a fun version of the excellent Switch Pro Controller, with blue and yellow grips of its own, along with a carrying case that fits the theme, too.

The full bundle won't come with the game or anything, so there's no early access for those who get their hands on it, but you can still assume that demand will be sky-high. It's also only available on the newer OLED model of the Switch, not for more affordable versions.

It's been a little while since Nintendo last made its own themed Switch, but previous models like the Animal Crossing edition have sold out quickly whenever available.


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