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Thursday, 7 July 2022

Lego's Mighty Bowser set offers a proper boss fight for Mario

Lego's team-up with Nintendo on Super Mario kits continues to bear fresh fruit, as it unveils the latest set in its lineup - a hulking version of Bowser, this time called The Mighty Bowser.

Rather than the diminutive blocky version of Mario's arch-enemy that has been in other kits, this is a more life-like, giant-sized figure that comprises a massive 2,807 pieces.

He's fully poseable, too, with arms, legs, tail, head, mouth and neck all able to be moved so that you can give him the pose and expression that best fits your set at any given time.

The Mighty Bowser stands on a slice of castle-themed bricks that should remind anyone who's played a Mario game or two of plenty of final boss arenas, which is perfect for displaying him.

If you already have the Lego Super Mario Starter Course you'll be able to pit any of Mario, Luigi or Peach against Bowser with interactive elements, making it another in the lineup that offers some enhanced possibilities.

It's a really-fun looking set but is also going to be more costly than most of the other Super Mario lineup, coming in at a whacking $270 (although that price tag won't shock any modern Lego affionados by any means). It will be available from Lego starting on 1 October 2022.

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