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Friday, 1 July 2022

Instagram tests changing video posts into Reels

Instagram might be looking into a new way to basically merge its different types of video posts, by automatically posting videos that users post to their feeds as Reels, too.

The feature is now being tested on some users, who will see an in-app message letting them know about the change if they're affected.

Instagram is now making EVERY video a Reel

h/t @ChristinaSBG

â€" Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) June 30, 2022

Your account's privacy settings are very relevant in this case, being the difference between whether anyone can see your auto-posted Reels or whether only those who follow you can do so.

By default, it looks like anyone who can see the Reel will be able to remix it with their own spin, but the message says this can be changed in your account settings, which will also be welcome.

Given that Reels are all about vertical video, while normal video posts don't have to stick to that restriction, it'll be interesting to see how easily Instagram can reconcile posts between the formats, but this certainly looks like a major test given its public nature.

Time will tell whether the feature rolls out more widely and becomes the norm, but for now it looks like Instagram is even further doubling down on video content.

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